Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Hunter is now CUNTER. REVISED. Apology

REVISED Announcement. May 13 2011

We apologize for any comments that were previously made.
We were being very unfair to people that had been very nice and more than fair with us.
We hope Cunter can be forgiven for any comments made in this issue.

we are proud, scared, angry, pissed, happy, excited, depressed and over joyed to announce that the band you have known as HUNTER is now called CUNTER.

Bush had X...We have CUNTER.

We are excited to push on and start a new identity with a name I would never want to tell my own mother.
The first step of Cunter will be to release "20".
This will be released in CD format with special limited packaging just in time for the tour with A Wilhelm Scream happening mid June.

We are sorry about having to change our name...but are not sorry what so ever for changing it to Cunter.


Where to go to get involved in the Cunter world.

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